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  • Why can’t I buy a drone and do it myself ?

    In Canada you are required to pass a series of tests and hold a Basic or Advanced licensed through Transport Canada. Drones also must be registered.

  • What can a Drone do ?

    There are many uses for drones combined with the correct software. Search and rescue, Inspections, Mapping, 3-D Imagery, Photography, Videography, Area and Volume Calculations, Construction Progression Reports, Accident Scene Reconstruction, Thermal Imagery, Solar Inspections, Fire Fighting, Package Delivery. If you are curious about something I have not listed we can talk about the possibility.

  • Are you licensed ?

    Yes I have an advanced Drone Pilot Licence. It’s the highest drone license available in Canada under the current rules of Transport Canada that took affect June 1, 2019.

  • How high can you fly ?

    Transport Canada limits drone flight to 400ft (122 meters) above ground level. (AGL). Drones can fly higher with a Special Flight Operations Certificate. (SFOC)

  • Can you fly near airports?

    Yes, with my advanced licence Im able to gain access to fly near airports.

  • How long can you fly for?

    My current drones have a 30min max flight time. However I have a number of batteries and its quick to change them over.

  • Can you fly indoors?

    Yes, actually Transport Canada can only control airspace. In door flight is not controlled by Transport Canada. There is added  risk to flying indoors with such things as magnetic interference and loss of gps signal. Many precautions should be taken.

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