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Why risk climbing to great heights to do inspections when you can safely and quickly inspect an area with a drone.

Our team is here to help with your inspection needs, from residential roofs to industrial facilities and communications towers. Many inspections place people in harm's way. Drones can conduct detailed checks in both the visible spectrum and thermal spectrum for preventive maintenance and emergency repairs.

Our pilots have extensive experience and the necessary equipment to keep your people safe without sacrificing the detail required for critical inspections. We will work with you during the flight to provide real-time video and images without having to shut down your facility to accommodate inspection personnel. Files can be provided to you just minutes after landing, avoiding the wait time a ground inspection team typically needs to provide the same information.

The professionals at Airrays will carefully identify the required deliverables for your inspection and work with you to develop the best plan for producing the products you need. Let us help you save time and money with aerial inspections, all while keeping your team safe.