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Drone mapping is essentially a very large high-quality photo.

No matter your industry, Drone mapping can help!

Aerial maps are cost-efficient, accurate, and with our professional team, they can easily be created in a fraction of the time and cost required when hiring a ground-based survey team. Aerial maps combine thousands of high-resolution images to build an accurate representation of your property.

Our team of licensed and insured pilots are standing by to help you with your next project. Let us create an accurate map while saving you time and money in the process.

Drones Photogrammetry and LiDAR in the Mining Industry

Numerous advantages have been uncovered by businessmen who use drone photogrammetry and LiDar in their operations. This has led to drone popularity rising.  

Drones are flying robots that can be operated remotely or are self-flying with flight plans controlled by software coupled with GPS. Airrays Drone Services strives to maintain the latest in technology.

The LiDAR technology, on the other hand, consists of laser sensors mounted to drones for measuring and inspecting the surface of an open-pit mine or a pre-mining site with amazing accuracy and detail. 

Additionally, these technologies can be useful in the mining industry. Find out how it works.

How Do Drone Mining Surveys Work?

When conducting a drone survey in a mine or quarry, a UAV equipped with a downward-facing RGB camera is flown above the site from several different vantage points. Through photogrammetry programs, it is possible to create georeferenced 3D maps and models, aerial photographs, and digital terrain models to provide amazing visual and accurate deliverables.

Moreover, mining companies can calculate with ease the exact volumes of stockpiles and excavated areas. Modern mining software may create data for safety berm heights, wheel crests, elevation changes, and many other industry-specific details.  

Why is Drone Photogrammetry and LiDAR Beneficial to Mining? 

The benefits of drone photogrammetry and LiDar for mining industries are numerous. Here are some of them.

1. Speed Up Accurate Data Collection

A vegetation-covered mining site may make data collection difficult. The good thing is that LiDAR technology can scan the area while capturing over 200,000 lasers points per second! It then creates a full set of data about what the ground looks like in a short period of time. A drone equipped with LiDAR can also speed up data collection for mine sites, particularly those covering a large area.

2. Cost-Effectiveness and Revenue Maximization

Drones and LiDAR are not only a highly effective way to obtain detailed information about your site but may also save you a considerable amount of time and money. Volumetric data is also beneficial in the long run, as drones with RGB or LiDAR sensors can be used to determine the amount of material contained within an area, resulting in better production and visual output for record-keeping and viewing for shareholders.

3. Safety Enhancement

The topography of mining operations and mines often includes steep embankments and unstable ground foundations. Using drones to collect data keeps your team out of dangerous locations while providing information on which areas are safe to mine and pose greater risks.

Why Consider Airrays Drone Services for Your Drones and LiDAR Needs

The use of drones is on the rise in mining regions worldwide. An increasing number of job sites are using UAVs for various tasks, including mapping for record-keeping, production volumes, planning drill locations, and exploration.

With our drones and LiDAR solutions, your mining operations will become more efficient. We do it by providing you with complete data on the site conditions. 


Drone inspections are a big asset in the mining industry. Airrays Drone Services has done several visual and thermal inspections. This can save significant amounts of time when shutting off machines to make the area safe for people to inspect. Drones can show what exactly the issue is, so people know the right tools and parts needed to fix the job.

From assessing the property for the potential to building open-pit mine models, Drone photogrammetry and LiDAR technology are helping mining operations improve today. Airrays Drone Services enhances the efficiency of mining activities through its network of pilots and project managers throughout the country.

Drone photogrammetry and LiDAR technology provide all the conveniences you need as a big part of your mining business. You can count on Airrays to provide you with the drone services you need.

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