Visual inspections only tell a portion of the story. Using our drone-based thermal cameras, our team can provide critical information not seen by the naked eye. From fire hot spots in burning structures to gas leaks, we have the expertise to generate accurate thermal analyses.

First responders battling forest and structural fires will appreciate the added situational awareness our thermal cameras provide. Industrial facilities can avoid costly repairs through the early identification of failing equipment. Residential customers will enjoy the ability to detect poor insulations spots in roofs and walls.

We can help you accomplish all of this without ever needed a team to enter dangerous situations like working from heights or toxic environments. Contact us today for a free quote.

My 2018 fire fighting experience.

It was after this wild fire season in 2018 when I decided it was time to start Airrays Drone Services.  I seen a large number of uses where drones could help save lives,time,money and of course forest. Heat Sensing for brush piles in the spring could greatly help prevent the spread of wild fires. 

Heat sensing for brush piles.

Not many people know that brush piles can smolder underground all winter long, then flaring back up in the spring possability creating wild fires. Often mills pay great prices for helicopters to fly logging blocks to inspect for this. Airrays can do the same work at a fraction of the cost.

Heat sensing for home and building inspections.

Locating heat loss can help you save money for the winter months.

Our drone is equipped with the worlds leading brand in thermal imaging.

With our thermal inspections you will receive a graphic report showing the areas of concern with the min and max temperatures on an area.

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